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Before I talk about the product itself, let me say what makes TriLine Services truly stand head and shoulders above the crowd is its unparalleled commitment to customer service. Ed Ingalls went above, beyond, and more to ensure a successful installation after my contractor decided that following the detailed directions was optional.

I couldn’t be happier with my Safe Step Stairs. I spent days scouring the internet for a safer alternative to folding attic ladders, and began to think I’d have more success finding unicorn DNA. Then I came across Safe Step Stairs. As the name implies, they are safer because they are stairs — the treads are deeper and the slope is less steep than a ladder. In addition, it’s a one-piece unit with sturdy handrails that is easy to deploy and retract. Now going into my attic is as convenient as walking upstairs. Definitely a worthwhile investment.

San Diego
YAY! Today I can walk up REAL STAIRS into my attic, formerly a place I did not visit very often because of the rickety` and dangerous fold out ladder that I had to wrestle with. Imagine my delight when I found out about ‘Safe Step Stairs’ at a recent home show where the full sized staircase with rails that was on show.

Bingo! The process was simple: Free Assessment: the company Tri Line Services sends a supervisor to my garage by appointment to discuss my needs. Make an appointment for installation. Installation day: 3 very polite gentlemen showed up on time and in uniform. They quickly and efficiently installed the stairs and its gizmo this thing goes up by itself with just the lightest touch and pulls down equally easily, no lifting folding or shoving. They cleaned up, and after assuring themselves that I was happy, were done. Total time about two hours. I am absolutely thrilled with the stairs, they are everything the company claims, sturdy, strong, and most of all safe. I would enthusiastically recommend Safe Step Stairs to anyone that wishes to comfortably make use of their attic space.


Jay H
Saturday I had 2 carpenters who have done work for me come by and install the SafeStepStairs. I complete the construction of the stairs my self with the hardware you provided. Just took my time and followed the instructions carefully on a pair of saw horses. Had a couple for friends come in on Saturday. The had watched to video you provided on Friday and came ready to go and completed installation in about 4 hours.

The Stairs work well and provide us with much easier and safe access to the attic over the garage. Easy to pull down and raise back up.

Thank you for your extra help.

Dave F
The Safe Step Stairs that you installed are one of the best improvements ever made in my home! I am now able to easily access the storage area in my attic. It's great!.
Bob K.
Last fall, I had Tri Line Services install a set of Safe Step Stairs in my home. It has been a full year now that I can go into my attic myself without waiting for someone to assist me. At 5'2" I am able to pull the stairs down and the metal railings are perfect height. So easy and I feel so safe.
Nancy T.
If you need more storage, Safe Step Stairs to your attic is the way to go. It is like getting a whole new room. I am 71, replacing our attic access with Safe Step Stairs has given me confidence to easily access our attic by myself. Ed Ingalls and his team are professional from beginning to end.