Meeting Fire Codes with Safe Step Stairs

Tri Line Services is pleased to announce that Safe Step Stairs can now meet class A fire rating to meet the international fire codes.  

Fire rating your Safe Step Stairs will ensure your family is protected from a fire originating in the garage and rapidly spreading through the Safe Step Stairs.  

Tri Line Services offers Intumescent Fire Blocking Material (“IFBM”).   IFBM is a liquid paint like material that when applied to the wood and/or sheetrock surfaces.  The IFBM provides a dormant fire block coating that will expand approximately 5” upon being exposed to fire. Once activated, the IFBM expands and chars thereby sealing the surface of Safe Step Stairs and the space around the opening of Safe Step Stair to prevent fire from entering the attic space from below.  

IFBM will provide fire protection on wood up to 1 hour and sheetrock up to 2 hours.  

Tri Line Services offers the IFBM as an option so you can apply it to your Safe Step Stairs yourself or have a painting contractor apply for you.    Application instructions are provided when you purchase the IFBM from Tri Line Services:

It will take approximately 3 to 4 quarts of IFBM coating to treat your Safe Step Stairs/Lift and the seal area around the stairs.

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