Safe Lift – Attic Lift System

Safe Lift – Attic Lift System




This is our lowest cost option that can be installed in the local central Florida area around The Villages, Florida.

The Safe Lift is a single pick point lift that utilizes a platform with a halo that allows the platform to be picked from the center of the halo and the corners of the halo then connect to the platform on each corner.  This system requires at least 5′ of headroom above the attic floor to work.  Also being a single pick system it needs to be attended at all times to ensure the orientation of the lift platform remains level and coincides with the hole in the ceiling as it draws up through the ceiling into the attic.  This system also comes with a canvas bag system that will allow goods to be placed in the bag or sling and picked up through the ceiling hole.  Once the bag is above the floor in the attic space the hoist system will slide on a rail to one side where it can be lowered to the attic floor and the goods taken off or put on for the trip to the garage below.


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