Wooden Safe Step Stairs Hardware Kit – 8 Foot Ceiling

Wooden Safe Step Stairs Hardware Kit – 8 Foot Ceiling

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This kit provides all the hardware and information to build and install a set of Safe Step Stairs in your home. This kit is designed for Do It Yourselfers or for a homeowner to hire a local handyman or contractor to build and install the stairs.

The 8′ Ceiling kit fits ceiling heights from 7.5 feet to 8.5 feet.

Safe Step Stairs are designed to be installed on a standard 24” on-center joist system.  If your installation is not for this standard size, you will also need to purchase the custom design option. The cost of the custom design is for engineering changes and custom gas shocks.


What Are Safe Step Stairs?

The typical home has a set of fold out stairs installed to access the attic space. These stairs are either made of wood or aluminum and can be tricky and uncomfortable to open without pinching your fingers.  Additionally, they are narrow, steep and require the user to climb on a narrow step using only about 4” of our foot and toes. This can be a tricky and sometimes hazardous proposition as we grow older and
are not as nimble and able to climb ladder stairs as easily as we once did.

Safe Step Stairs were designed specifically to eliminate the discomfort of accessing the attic.


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Weight 100 lbs

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