Space Lift – Attic Lift System

Space Lift – Attic Lift System




This is our most popular option. The system can be installed in the local central Florida area around  The Villages.

This attic lift system has no overhead requirements as the entire lift assembly including all the lifting mechanism, motor, controls etc. all fit in a single package that fits into your floor of your attic.  The system sticks up above the attic floor about 4 to 5” (2×6” joists).  The system can be operated at the lift upstairs or from a master control hardwired switch located downstairs.  The Space Lift lifts from all four corners of the platform and this makes the loading easy and the platform stable even when loaded unevenly.  The Space Lift is controlled by a Printed Circuit Board Programmable Controller that when programmed knows where your ceiling and floor are so the lift stops on its own at both locations.  The Space Lift can be stopped anywhere along the travel for loading and unloading.


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