Versa LIft – Attic Lift System

Versa LIft – Attic Lift System




Base price is $4,400 installed.  The lift is available in central Florida in the area around The Villages.

This lift has a significantly larger platform at 21” x 36”.  The base priced Versa Lift is operated by a controller that is mounted to the lift structure in the attic which requires about 5’ of height above the floor.  Additional controls are available for additional costs.   The platform has a four-point metal structure supporting it and is lifted by two cables attached to each end of the center of the platform structure.  This means the Versa Lift load must be centered on the table, or it can tilt.  The upstairs structure houses the motor assembly and cable reels which are mounted above the platform hole and take up considerable room in small attics.


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